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We welcome you at Upvan Hospital & IVF Centre, Palanpur

Quality Policy

Service to humanity with quality & cost effective service of patient health care & treatment.  Responsive counselling, timely, efficient & energetic services committed to continuous improvement
Upvan hospital & IVF Centre is situated at Clean & Dry area, convenient place to travel & Centre of the City Palanpur, Gujarat, India.

1st Floor: 4500 sq. ft – dedicated to Obstetrics & Gynaecology department
2nd Floor: 4500 sp. Ft – dedicated to IVF & Endoscopy department

•    To establish highest standard of our services in women’s care
•    To fulfil the health care needs & criteria’s as per recommendation

Details of 1st Floor :

    1) 4500 sq. Feet area dedicated to obstetrics & Gynaecology
    2) AC Reception & comfortable waiting room
    3) OPD & examination room
    4) Labour ICU & Obstetric HDU
    5) Operation Theatre
    6) Indoor rooms ( Suite , Deluxe & special room)
    7) Pharmacy
    8) Account department

Details of 2nd Floor :

1) 4500 sq. Feet area dedicated to ART clinic & Endoscopy
2) Level – 3 clinic for ART
3) Dedicated space for all required sub units
4) Sterile & non sterile areas
5) Ancillary Laboratory & Power back up facility


1) To establish the highest standard of ART services for the benefits of patients with a collaboration of all colleagues.
2) To fulfill the criteria of ICMR (according to National Guidelines for Accreditation, Supervision & Regulation of ART Clinic
3) To reach high no. of taking Home Baby Rate
4) To satisfy the patients &relatives about our services
5) Outsourcing of our services to nearby center & areas
6) To provide ART services at the early age of patients.

Clinic Facility

Details of the ART clinic

1) 4500 sq. ft area
2) Level – 3 clinic for ART
3) Dedicated space for all required subunits
4) Sterile & non-sterile areas
5) Ancillary Laboratory & Power back up facility

Non Sterile Area:

Reception & waiting room
Consulting room with examination room with privacy
Reception & waiting room
Consulting room with examination room with privacy    
1)Clinical Laboratory
3) Record room
4) Autoclave room
5) Steps for vermin proofing
6) Semen collection room with the appropriate environment, washroom
7) Counseling room
8) Conference room
9) Clean room for IUI

Sterile Area

Scrub & Change room
Scrub station
Change room – Autoclave cloths, cap, mask & slippers

Andrology room

1)Laminar air flow
3)Trinocular Microscope with LCD screen
4)Centrifuge machine - spermfuge
5)Good laboratory practice
6)Safe disposable of waste
7)Liquid Nitrogen Tank for gamete Freezing- sperm, ova & eggs

Ovum Pick Up Room & Embryo Transfer Room

Separate room near IVF Lab
Clean air
Immediate transfer of gametes from Window
All the necessary resuscitation instruments
Rocket Craft suction pump

The Embryology Laboratory Complex (Heart of Centre)

Class 100 air – sterile filtered air with minimum voc
Positive pressure system - Lab guard
Temperature & humidity control
Laminar Air Flow with a thermostatically controlled heating plate
Stereo zoom Microscopy with CCD Camera
High-resolution Microscopy ( Olympus IX 73 ) with a micromanipulator ( Narishige )
Heracell 150 i CO2 Incubator
Walls & ceiling having joint less aluminum panels- minimum chance of contamination & easy to clean

The Operation Theatre ( Endoscopy )

Advanced Endoscopy Department
Semi-modular variety
All endoscopy procedures
All emergency resuscitation measures

Ancillary Laboratory Facilities:

Hormonal assay & special testing
Microbiology & Histopathology
Disposable plastic wares- reliable sources, nontoxic to gametes
Maintaining “ Standard Operating Procedure “ manual ( SOP) for a different procedure
Proper labeling – name & specific no to each patient
Maintaining a logbook for temperature, humidity, air sterility & CO2 content.
Calibration of CO2 Incubator & other instruments
Online UPS back up the power supply with Kirloskar Green Power Generator Set.